Scenes from Winter in Portland, Ore.

On the morning of January 11, I woke to find Portland buried beneath more than a foot of snow. As skiers rejoiced, schools shuttered, and Portlanders collectively expressed their surprise, I pulled on my boots to mark this unusual occasion with a walk through Washington Park. The snow was knee-deep, the firs shrouded in winter white, and the creaking of heavy branches the only sound to be heard.

It wasn’t exactly what I have come to expect of winter here in northwest Oregon, which typically brings mild temperatures and a slow drizzle that persists from November until March. But the remnants of the fifth snowiest 24-hour period in the city’s history have been a wonderful excuse to remain close to home. Until the rain returns and I can move my car once again, I’ll be filling my days with warm croissants and crosswords at Ken’s and more than a few movies at Cinema 21.

Enjoy the snow everyone!

Portland Oregon

Portland Oregon


Portland Oregon

Portland Oregon

Portland Oregon


TITLE: The fir trees in Washington Park | BODY: A picnic area in Washington Park; a hiking trail in the Hoyt Arboretum; snow and ice in the trees on Vista Avenue; a picnic area at Washington Park; a picnic area at Washington Park; an unnamed path in Washington Park.


  1. Beautiful photos! Winter wonderland!

  2. Wonderful writing, beautiful photos…enjoy the three c’s – croissant, crosswords and cinema!

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